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How does it work? 

The BEMER device is a simple mat that is placed on the floor and your dog lays on it for about 15 minutes.  The mat has coils that create an electromagnetic field that improves the microcirculation and blood flow.  There is also a band with increased intensity that can be applied to a specific problem area your dog may have after they become acclimated to the mat.  Dogs are encouraged with petting and gentle praise to lay on the mat, but they are not forced to stay. The majority of dogs settle into the mat within minutes and fall asleep or rest quietly for the duration of the application. 

What does BEMER feel like? The perception of the BEMER application differs from user to user. Some humans experience a light feeling of warmth or a tingling sensation. Most feel noticeably relaxed and invigorated after the application. I have found that dogs become very relaxed and often have to be awakened after the session is finished.

What results can be expected from BEMER sessions for dogs? Dogs who receive BEMER applications will have increased mobility, energy and vitality. Owners report that the dogs are "more perky," more energetic at the dog park and have improved movement and use of the hind legs.  In humans, it is reported that they have enhanced concentration, mental acuity and stress reduction, improved sleep, endurance and strength.

Are there any side effects with BEMER? Side effects are understood to be undesirable accompanying effects such as allergies, bleeding, discomfort, lethargy, etc. To date, no dangerous side effects have been detected with short or long-term application.  

Are there any contraindications to the BEMER? Dogs who are currently undergoing chemotherapy should not use the BEMER.  Owners who have undergone organ/bone marrow transplantation or have pacemakers should not assist their dogs on the mat as this can change the function of their medications and devices.  There is no risk to the owners once the session is complete, though, so they should not hesitate to bring their dogs for treatments. 

Does BEMER cure disease? BEMER is not a disease-specific application. Its effect on the circulation and the resulting improvements to the supply and removal of substances to/from the body’s cells allows these cells to produce and supply increasing amounts of energy, and therefore carry out their tasks (production) in a more functional manner.

How quickly will the dogs show results? Some dogs show improvements in 2 to 3 treatments but most will take up to 8 weeks to reach maximal results.  In humans with severe disease states, it can take up to 8 weeks to start to see results. 

What about medications my dog is taking? Every dog is different in how they will respond to the BEMER and their medications.  You should talk with your veterinarian about your dog's medications as the BEMER applications progress and discuss together dosages and frequency of medications.   All regular medications that most old dogs take (NSAIDs, pain medications, glucosamine, etc) are safe to be used with the BEMER and may be reduced over time. The only medications that a dog may take that should  never be used at the same time as the BEMER is chemotherapy as this may change how the anti-cancer drugs work in the body.   Once the chemotherapy is complete, BEMER may help improve recovery time.

How often does my dog need treatments?  Initially dogs should be "bemered" at least three times a week for the first 1 to 3 weeks depending on response, then it can gradually be reduced to one to two times weekly. In humans the application is recommended daily, which can be difficult for some dog owners, so we recommend it as frequently as you are able. For dogs that have recently undergone surgery or dentistry, a daily treatment for the first week can improve recovery time. 

What about cats? Some cats enjoy the BEMER and others do not.  Like the dogs, it is safe but sometimes harder to get a cat to sit still. Do not force the cats to sit on the mat and if they chose to leave, allow them to go.  


The BEMER Horse-Set promotes healing and recovery, and helps prevent injury. It enhances suppleness – a prerequisite for motivation and willingness to learn – so your horse can exercise more effectively. The BEMER Horse-Set also helps your horse relax more easily both before and after exertion. You’ll notice the effects on your horse after only a few minutes of treatment.

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